How can i convert an angle to a vector

Error fixed leave the tread alone

This is a very odd problem, can you post the exact error code so that we can look over it and possibly give you better assistance?

A little info on why it most likely broke in the update though…

It seems that Garry has made all vector / angle mismatches terminal errors, instead of bypassing it / using a default value.

Like I said please post the actual error code so that we can give you some better information on your error please.

[@addons\cde\lua\entities\base_weapon_projectile\init.lua:46] bad argument #1 to ‘SetAngles’ (Angle expected, got Vector)

Ok, you are giving a vector value to SetAngles, you need to give it an angle instead.

I can probably help more but I need to see your code to do it. You can post it here, at least lines 1 - 60, or add me on steam brandyn2493 (current name is [EG] Techy) and I can see what I can do to help you.

Angle to vector.
Vector to angle.

Ok i dont need peoples help now fixed it thanks to chief2494 and overv