How can I create a model clientside.

On the wiki it says “Can be used client-side - only some entities can be created, and those can only be seen by the client - If an entity can’t be created client-side you’ll get the message “Can’t find factory for entity: <classname>” in the console.”

What do I have to do to make a entity clientside spawnable.

I just use

Set rotation to 0, and you can play with the size and placement. You could assign it a position in the world and base the size and pos with that, to make it seem like a real prop.

Uh… no.

I just used prop physics, still prefer to have a scripted entity though :confused:

Creates a clientside entity with a model, but it’s not scripted. That’s what DModelPanel uses. You can always control it with hooks, depends on what you need to do exactly.

That, or use effects, they are pretty much clientside scripted entities. You just have to create them with **[Util.Effect](** instead.