How can I extract a game mode I've played from my computer?


First of all, I want to say I do have permission from the creator of the game mode to do this.

It’s a variant of gamemode that’s recently been fixed for gmod 13 called ‘Infected Wars’. It was very popular many years ago and I’m wanting to extract what I can from this variant of infected wars rather than adding content from scratch.
Sadly there’s no developer code left, but the gamemode is still saved on my old PC. Is there a way I could extract it and get a full/partial copy of it?


Ask the owner of the game-mode for a copy. It’s the easiest / best way. There’s no way to extract server-files from a game-mode you’ve “played”.

The owner doesn’t have anything. The server went down after some complications with cloudcube, and a few months later the owners computer died with the only copy of the game with it. So, I guess it’s completely gone then.

I managed to pick up some textures from it, that helps a bit. Thanks anyway

I’m pretty sure someone created a program from Linux to decompile Lua code that the player gets, but then they deleted it.

Pretty sure you can’t decompile server-side code, you’re probably confusing it with decompressing lua cache.

If you could grab a gamemode from a server that’l be dumb.
Gmod Tower is an example.

Yeah, most likely :smiley:

It’s from October 10, 2010, so it’ll probably need conversion to GM13