How can I find the "perfect" server?

Not so much looking for a specific server, but what are things you look for to make sure it’s fair and a place u can be successful in?

For example, do you find that no-craft C4 hurts or helps more? No starter kits really make a big difference? Take into consideration that I play more of a Lone Wolf style who is mostly friendly.

I keep jumping servers looking for the perfect fit but I always feel like I’m gimping myself because of some perceived disadvantage. I once had an admin give me some starting resources and I quit the server because I thought, “If he’s doing this for me…what is he doing for his friend?”

Now I’m kind of stuck in server-choice paralysis…

It’s all personal opinion. Play on a different server every day and eventually you’ll find one you like.


If you like to play as a lone wolf you should consider the No Sleepers option.

C4 only really hurts if you keep all your gear in one place. I like to keep a few hut around the place with spare Items.

Some servers offer starter kits with extra items such as a sleeping bag, food and wood, that always helps.

I play on [AU]WorldsEnd-PVP_NoSleepers

The admin are very helpful and are open to suggestions about making changes.

There’s no server without flaws

You must find the one you can enjoy the most.

I really recommends element0 server. Check their website

Hey man, we have a server that is more of a realism mod based server. We also have a whitelist on the server so as of next Sunday, if you are not put on the whitelist you cannot join /w out permission. We currently have 4 rogue admins on 24 hours a day.

F1 > net.connect

Our server has uncraftable:
Explosive Charge

However you can FIND these things but it makes them more valuable.

This server has
Sleepers,PVP,Oxide,doorsharing,Economy,Nodecay,and very active admins who do not abuse and will not tolerate any use of hacking.

Personally, I prefer:
-Under 50 players.
-Mostly Vanilla
-Community is mostly small groups and not giant, exclusive factions.

Starter Kits are unnecessary in my opinion. They’re nice and all but it really doesn’t take very long to go from Rock to Metal Hatchet if you have experience with the game.

I agree with you on the admin gifting, it tends to get out of hand on a lot of community servers. On mine I don’t give out anything to anyone and the starter kit is only 5 chicken and some cloth pants.

Now I don’t know whar part of the world u play in but…
We have a server in europe… english speaking semi pvp.
No kos except while raidind/airdrop locations.
Oxide mod with doorshare and pm.
Lowpop 50 slot with 10-20 players.
Very friendly ppl… but no gifts from admins.
Intr?? Pm and I’ll give u link to our rustysouls server