How can i fix this ? (TF2 purple/black reflections)

I have built the cubemap(s) and actually put cubemaps before.


Btw, no custom textures

I’m not sure but sometimes it can help if you directly link the cubemap to the surface that shows up as an error.

Did you disable specularity before you built them?

no :<

how do i do that?

mat_specular 0

map <mapname>, mat_specular 0, mat_hdr_level 2, buildcubemaps, disconnect, mat_hdr_level 0, map <mapname>, buildcubemaps, disconnect, mat_hdr_level 2, mat_specular 1, map <mapname>

Do you run that in the console? I’ve been having this problem with my edit of Badlands, and it’s been pissing me off.

Yes, you run that in console.

Each command one at a time.

Hence the commas as opposed to semicolons.

Ahh I need to try that when I can be bothered, this is the only thing that’s stopped me released the first good version.

I did this and it worked :3

Thanks, problem solved