How Can I Get A key :/

How Can I Get Key ?

(User was permabanned for this post ("Rust beggar" - verynicelady))

You can get banned.

*You will get banned.

Ah thanks.

**Read the fucking sticky. **

you can go back in time and buy Gold Member or just shut the fuck up and stop begging!

For getting a key , 2 solutions :

First : waiting for open beta

Second : waiting for open beta

If open beta gonna be on .

You will have to twerk on street, I am sorry.

the funny thing is, i would actually twerk xD

You can wait patiently for the full game.

Do that and post the video after. I will gladly check that.

You need to craft a key, the required mats are as follows:

First born male child
Soul of a virgin adult
300 narwhale bones

Lol ill think about it :rolleyes:

Either you get craft a key or get turned into a Pink Fairy Armadillo.

Sounds like the birth of a new pokemon!