How can i get a value at server from clientside?

How can i get a value at server from clientside?

I want to create a cvar clientside and get the value from server, how can i doit?
I have no idia :frowning:

Thx you for your time :slight_smile:


User Msg’s are useless here, so its either Con Commands or Data streams, which is basically the same thing.

He wants server->client
[lua]if SERVER then
function SendShit()
local something = 123;
elseif CLIENT then
function msgSomeShit(msg)
usermessage.Hook(“hi”, msgSomeShit)

Typed from browser. Probably some mistakes.

His question is really confusing, thought he was asking for client > server.

I think he wants “client < server” - which is “client > server > client”

He has a value on the server which he would like the clients to get when they want it.

Thx you all, i was trying to get client>server, i have do it making a new command to get the info.

**[Player.GetInfo](** anyone?

Thx you ralle105 i will rewrite the code tomorrow, im making a RP Gamemode with language selection :slight_smile: