How can i get better FPS in Rust?

Hi I was wondering how I could get better FPS in Rust, because right now its so bad I cant play. Thanks.

The improvement is incredible. Try it.


I have tried your suggested solution. While it does boost FPS considerably, the loss in rendering makes it unplayable for me. I have tried all of the options, and the new rocky parts are not loading. This is problematic because it allows me to see through walls (rocks), constantly fall through the world, and have difficulty walking around.

I am glad this has worked for so many others, but until this is resolved, I don’t see how anyone with the AMD A6-3420M with Radeon graphics cards will be able to fully play the alpha version of this game.


we got us a confirmed wallhacker, mods, ban???

I’m sure they’ll resolve the AMD issue eventually once optimization becomes more of a priority.

It needs to become one now with 800 ping on servers that is ridiculous

One way to improve frame rate in Rust is to open Rust, open console, and type “grass.on false”.
This will remove that annoying grass and improve frame rate by a ton.

I would suggest…a new…computer.

Thanks! This helped alot!

open console and type in these commands

grass.on false
grass.forceredraw False
grass.displacement False
grass.disp_trail_seconds 0
grass.shadowcast False
grass.shadowreceive False
gfx.ssaa False
gfx.bloom False
gfx.grain False
gfx.ssao False
gfx.shafts False
gfx.tonemap False

this will help even more than just the grass.on false command


i’m running on a 2ghz pentium dual core processor and 2gb ram, with all of those on, i can run at about 15 fps but with those off it reaches ~40