How can I get BLU medic mask in gmod?

I tried prop_dynamic_create models/player/items/medic/medic_mask.mdl, to only find big red ERROR.
I saw that it needs the server allowed cheat. I so tried sv_cheats 1 and prop_dynamic_create models/player/items/medic/medic_mask.mdl. ERROR. twice.
I found a zip file that contains several hats so it can be used as prop instead of effects. I so extracted in garrysmod/garrysmod, and so they’re all become inside of garrysmod/garrysmod/models/tf2 hats. they include garrysmod/garrysmod/models/tf2 hats/medic_mask.mdl and also some complex files like .dx80.blahblah. I reloaded search cache in-game, and tried to spawn through q menu, to only find big red ERROR three times.

And searched internet for about 3 hours. Exhausted. I don’t know what can I do. I don’t know why I’m ever exist. Please help me get damn ew;ofiewajfawefwaf BLU MEDIC MASK to use. I want to have some happy feelings and so need your help. please.

Also I have bodygroup changer and bone merger in it. they work excellent on props. not effects. and I need changed effects. as a form of prop.

Try extracting the model and material files directly from your tf2 gcfs.

What is… what are they? I remember that once I heard tf2 files are hidden so I need special program to see them and there are a name that having gcf in it. But I don’t know any other than that…

Try removing the “models/” from the path, usually works for me.

prop_dynamic_create player/items/medic/medic_mask.mdl.

This works, so I get mask. But it’s uncontrollable… even can’t undo making it, they just exist in mid-air.

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I somehow make it though.
It’s still bit problematic, but I got a blue mask anyway.

It’s entities of hats. I don’t know exactly what it is.
I put them in this path: /garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/entities
so medic mask was in here: /garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/entities/medic_mask/
…oh, actually there are no any mdl, just three lua files are in it.

I spawned entities using q, and it appeared in mid-air. You can use bone merge tool and bodygroup changer on it (they’re addon that you have to find. They’re relatively easy to find using google), but it seems goes uncontrollable after you touched it with phys gun. (you can delete it in utility tab in q menu)

What do you intend to use the mask for? If you want to put it on a medic, just use the skin tool and bonemerge without hitting it with physgun. If you dont have skin tool, just try the command

ent_fire !picker setskin 1

I’ll elaborate the meaning of uncontrollable: Not only I can’t use physgun on it, I can’t also use bodygroup changer and bonemerge tool too. It’s like trying to using tool on a effect by aiming not on a green circle but on a thing showing. Also the command ent_fire doesn’t work. Nothing happens after typing it.

Yes, I intended to put it on a medic, and because of it being uncontrollable on my computer I couldn’t do that.

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And though I somehow got blu mask, I still want to get some help about adding custom mode. I can’t do that still now and just can see big red ERROR instead of all the models. Need something different help other than everything I can get through google search results, because ‘all of them (in frankly, minus one from them)’ are useless crap.

A_Pigeon said “setskin”, you’re actually supposed to type in “ent_fire !picker (while over the medic’s mask) skin 1”

Unless you actually feel like using the developer console, add the Medic mask to a spawnlist from Browse->Team Fortress 2->player->items->medic and you’ll easily figure out what model name and directory it’s in