How Can I get More Props into Hammer?

Ok so far i’m new to mapping i just made a map now that it just needs is props but i have simple props i cant seem to find certain props from other maps like that big table in office i cant find it, can anyone here help me please. help me with a quick easy tut? thank you

How are you launching Hammer?

that big table in office might be brushwork instead of a model, but i don’t really know. just a guess

launching it off garry’s mod bin folder

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Now that you mention it, it does look like it was made

The conference table in office is NOT brushwork. It’s a model. Ensure you’re launching hammer for CS:S and search conference in the model viewer searchbox.

Well… I don’t have cs:s

Well, You can’t get CS:S props then…

all right thank you

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Wait Never mind i got it since i had the texture for css and the content for it i looked into my addons folder and i found the prop files in the folder i had and i restarted hammer and i noticed were it searches for files and i saw that it searches in garrysmod/garrysmod/downloads/props so i dragged and dropped those files in there and boom i have all the props thanks for the help tho by any chance do you guys know how to fix lighting because i wanted to make a scenery where the skybox has a light and that light goes towards my map so i needed to make my map dark so i created a light_environment and it made it dark like i wanted it and the light i added to the room with the skybox camera worked out well but now my main map is tooo dark even if i add light to it its pretty dark and now i noticed water wont render as well because its dark even if i add a light above it all i get it a see through box that sees below it but you can walk through it and now i cant seem to find light_environment so now i cant seem to remove that so it can be bright again… help me please

You’ll need to type a little more clearly if you want us to help you, I can’t understand you.

Follow the basic guide to beginner’s mapping, it sounds like you have a leak.

Never mind once again i figured out my own problem well the thing that was going was when i was on hammer i was fixing somethings and after i compiled it and ran it on gmod i noticed this prop would fall from the sky and land in the middle and it bugged me because on the editor i could find this falling prop and another thing there was a long geometry that kept appearing and it was something i didnt create and the geometry wasnt solid it was hollow trying to land would fall through but i fixed both of the problems by deleting these little circles that were created by the camera tool like if it was projecting it Idk i been like this the whole day find a problem usually post it and then get pretty impatient and then find out it was some little thing lol but thanks for the help once again :dance: and as in for the light thing what was going on was i added a light entity to my sky box assuming it will light up my actual map after i went to the map in game the map was still dark so then i tried adding multiple light entity and it would seem like the light werent working like the map would still be dark so then i wanted to go back to the original state were no light entity=full bright map(in which i dint know because i deleted all lights from the actual map and i left the skybox one but, the skybox one was required to be deleted in order to have a full bright map) were as in light entity=would cause a dark map that would require a lot of lights that weren’t even working

but this is what i was talking about the hollow geometry
In game

In editor

i hope my mistakes will help others.

Using some periods to break up that entire explosion of hyperactive thought might help us as well.

From what I can read, you’re having issues with falling props, the camera tool, lighting, and skyboxes. You’ll need to break down, clearly, for us what type of issues you’re having with each. Try typing in proper English, like me. It’s not difficult.

i know im sorry its just that i was in a rush doing multiple things but like i said so far i solved my problems, fixed leaks, and now im just having trouble because now it takes 2-3 hours for map to compile just to test it out. :suicide:

Maybe this will help you.

Thank you, will give it a try after my map is done “compiling” :tinfoil:

edit:after watching the video i got to the numportal section and this guy is saying the lower the number the faster the compile so i went to go check my log and bam! “3938 numportals” and this guy had a bigger map then what i have!!

Ayyyyyyyy i just uploaded my map! i still need to fix a bit more things tho

check it out:Prop Hunt: Human Pet’s

thank you for dealing with me XD

It’s…actually not terrible. Good work.

I’m gonna eat crow and say that this was 100% not what I expected given your posting style.

Your concept of brushwork is really good. Play around with texturing to get a little more variety is my next recommendation to you.

thank you i appreciate your comment/feedback! to be honest i still dont know what im doing but eventually i’ll get there! and yeah i do need to work with more textures that one of the main things that stumped me.

Wow. Is this your very first map?? If so, this is fucking impressive. My first map was a room with big oversized boxes and an elevator that spawned upside down and killed anyone who stood on it.

I’ve been mapping for a few years and I’ve only been able to produce this:

Just keep practicing. If you want any help texturing just let me know. Feel free to add me on steam too if you wish. It’s on my profile.

hahaha will do i recently made another map but it was within an hour and it was some shitty map but i wanted to see what i can do in a hour lol