How can i get now C4? (Explosives)

Dear Guys,

How can i get Explosives?


Find them from air drops :wink:

You can still craft it, but i want to know, how i get the Explosives(Crafting Material)

Explosive charges and explosives are two different things…

To make a charge you need 1 flare and 15 explosives
To make an explosive
5 sulfur
i think 10 low grade fuel
and gun powder.

I learn t how to make explosives by copying them from an air drop.

And where do i get the Explosiv Blueprint?

Can we get a confirmation that explosives and their blueprints only drop from airdrops? Doesn’t seem right, but wanted to make sure.


They only drop in airdrops, according to Helk. Probably will change, he was in a hurry.

Thanks for the response! Sounds good. I feel like people need to realize that this game is in alpha, and that is THE reason why we get access this early…to test out new things and fix problems.

I found an Explosive in a barn…