How can I get rid of ammo

Does anyone know how to get rid of the AMMO in the weapons so when you pick up a new gun you dont have like 200 ammo?

When i saw the title, i was gonna reply “Just shoot it all up” but, i wont.

we need more details, like, where it shows how much ammo u have left or what?

well im like making a survival thing out of this map I have, and i dont want to start off with like 500 ammo for each gun. i want 0 ammo and no guns because if i shoot it all up every time i respawn it comes back, is there like settings you can change?

Get assmod, you can strip yourself of all your weapons and ammo with it.

ULX does it too with the !strip command.

is ULX the ~ key?
also whats the strip command?


oh and another thing with strip command do i have to do it evry time i respawn?


isnt there just like some files i can change or something, cause thats what my friend told me

ask some scripter to write you a lua script.