How can I get VTF 7.4 textures to work in Hammer?


I have a recurring abandoned futuristic theme in my map, and I absolutely love the models and textures that come with Portal 2. I’m trying to get them working in Hammer. The models seem to work fine as they are, but the materials don’t. I converted the materials to VTF 7.4 using the program available somewhere around here. I can view them with VTFedit and see that they are, in fact, VTF version 7.4, but when I view them in Hammer (Source 2009 engine), the textures still appear as missing (black/purple checkers). I tried other 7.4 textures such as from Left 4 Dead and had the exact same problem.

Does anyone know a way to get Hammer to accept the VTF 7.4 textures?

7.4 Should work in engine branches above 2006. Check your vmt settings and make sure your texture is in the correct directory.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I’ve got the right folder, and I can actually see that the textures exist in the material browser, but they appear as black/purple checkers.

To clarify, I intend to use these textures in a map for Garry’s Mod 13, i.e TTT.

Would you mind sending a link to the files?

They’re just Portal 2 materials and L4D materials. Do you have neither?

Oddly enough, L4D2 materials work just fine on a SDK 2009 configuration, however I can confirm that Portal 2 textures are all checkers.
Unless you can recompile all the textures for the older format, I doubt there is a way sadly. You can try compiling with the checkers but the lighting will be terrible.

Portal 2 uses vtf format of 7.5 where l4d2 uses 7.4

So you need to hex edit the vtf to convert it.