How can i hide the errors ingame? (maybe with console)

The title is the question!
Please help me =)
Thx 4 all posts.

With gm_luaerror

Use better coded addons/gamemodes or fix them. :confused:

Errors are a good way of fixing any mistakes

You can always do r_drawviewhud 0, it disables every aspect of the HUD. But you should bind it on and off before you try that, as it hides the menu and console as well!

You shouldn’t need to hide ingame errors. Fix them.

Maybe he’s not a lua coder or simply doesn’t want to fix other peoples stuff? Countless times you get errorspams while there’s nothing really noticeably wrong in-game. Imo there should be a convar to toggle errors since they are annoying and not everyone is a developer.

they should contact the maker of the addon/script and tell them to fix it

If any addons you have downloaded are causing distress for you ( i.e. errors ) check to see if any updated versions are available, if not, does the addon still work? if no, then delete it until an updated version comes out, because a recent update has broken part or all of the code. If it works like it should, but your getting some errors, somewhere along the code, post the errors on here, and ask if we can sort some of it out.

Yeah, 'cause that always works:rolleye:

That’s exactly why there isn’t - the errors are meant to annoy everyone so the developer would fix them.

just because an error exists doesnt mean there is something physically wrong with it… for example, Too many emmitter spams! I get that so many freaking times when I play GCombat or related. There is nothing wrong with that code and yet players get errors due to the fact that there are more emitters than is whats allowed.

GCombat is old, use pewpew, in pewpew it is fixed.

The best way to get people making fine working stuff is to force them and say them what’s wrong…

Would be cool if they would up that! (THe max emitter count)

Link? Never even heard of it. Ive searched FP and Google… nothing

Nice way to try and feel superior to someone.

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Comes up with nothing of the sort Grocel

If you went to the thread ( it’s on the first page of Binary Modules, so :effort: ), the example usage code does exactly what OP is requesting.

Actually, “too many emitter” can be avoided. You actually only need 1 emitter to do anything, since an emitter merely acts as a proxy between Lua and the particle system.

I am superior to a lot of people in this field. Not all people of course, there’s plenty better than me. </ego>