How can I import a SENT into Hammer?

Hello, gentlemen. I hope this thread won’t make you want to assault me, but I’ve been googling the hell out of this problem for two days, and I’m not having much luck.

I’m screwing around and making a little map for my own personal enjoyment, and as a learning project.
As part of this map, I want to incorporate a nifty little SENT I found on the GMOD community site, a working ODST drop pod, with launch tube. Its a neat little thing, but manually placing it every time I want to set my map up is a pain, so I want to build it into my map, so it’ll be positioned and ready to go as soon as I load in. (and look nicer.)

The trick is, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to import the SENT into the Hammer editor.
I can get the models to show up as props or whatever, but they’re just dead polygons. A thread I found said I just needed to rename a point entity’s class to whatever the SENT was called… and I know how to do that, but whenever I try to rename the class it just reverts to the default, like it’s not finding the files.

I think this is a directory issue. Can anyone tell me what files I’d need to stick where so that Hammer will spot them? As I said earlier, I’ve already got Hammer set up to pull materials and models out of the garrysmod/garrysmod/ directory, so I’m not sure what I might have missed.

Thanks in advance.

Open up a new notepad file and paste this into it, then save the file as an .FGD

@include “base.fgd”
@include “halflife2.fgd”

@PointClass base(Targetname, Angles, Studiomodel, Origin) studio( “models/odst/pod/drop_pod_bay.mdl” ) = odst_pod_launcher: “ODST Drop Pod Bay”

Place the file into the garrysmod directory and then load the FGD into hammer and restart it, you should now be able to find an entity in the hammer entity explorer named “ODST Drop Pod Bay”

Thanks, man. I never would have figured I’d need to create a new FGD file.