How Can I Import Models(Ragdolls) In Garry's Mod?[A Tutorial Would Be Fantastic]

i Need a lot of models because i have got to do a lot of videos, but i know that i can’t ask you to convert so many models models for me.
In fact some models i have asked for are never been ported.
So i would like to learn how to import models from other games and make them ragdoll for the garry’s mod.
I don’t need to learn all the advanced options…
I’d just like to know how to port them.
Thanks a lot.

if it has the models (like a folder) or materials folder put them in the garrysmod folder. sourcemods are the best way to get them.if its a sourcemod game take the models and materials. on any game IF they have the folders

I know how to install models…
What would i like to learn is how to DIRECTLY IMPORT THEM from other games

It depends on what format they’re in.