How can i import the a realistic COD4 map in 3ds max?

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Needs lighting.

Just lighting and done? I dont think so bro.

Far as I see, everything is completely textured. It’s just completely fullbright, which makes anything look awful. CoD4 makes big use of normal maps and specular shaders. Max supports all that, so I’d get to applying it.

Also remember that after you apply everything, it’s going to look much nicer in the render, not the viewports.

But I red somewhere, a guy find a new way to the mapimport (not 3d ripper)

But what is this new way? Idea? (thx4your help fury)

Oh lord. Here we go again.

Well hey, at least try to help him out instead of complaining. At least he didn’t show us an unworkable clusterfuck.

I’m here again, I have got now a problem with the character.

It is the perfect character:

And its my:

So, when i put the texture on the model, the texture is on the “glasses” of the model too. How can i get a good texture?

Thanks again.

LACKA0670, have you ever gone by the handle “Kurit”? This may be a coincidence, but I’m a bit suspicious.

And for the glass texture, try setting it to use reflections. Not sure how t do that in Max, but it should be simple enough.

The problem is that the mask/head is using the same texture as the body, which it obviously shouldn’t be.

To get a representation of a COD4+ map and/or model, which is fully representational of the original object, into a 3D modeling program, you should always try to use all 4 texture map types if possible. What I mean is, virtually all 3D models will have a “color map”, aka diffuse map. Some will also have a “normal map” to add the appearance of extra detail. COD 4+ also use 2 additional map types for specular type highlights: “specular map”, and “cosine power map”.

Getting your hands on the color map image is easy, as it can be converted directly from the “*_col.iwi” image that are part of the stock .iwd files. Obtaining usable normal map, spec map and cosine power map images is a bit more involved. I wrote a tutorial on how to obtain them at

I haven’t really used 3D Max at all, but have used Maya quite a bit. What I would do in Maya to get the model to resemble the original in-game object was to create a phong material for each material the model used. I would then specify that the color part of the material use the color map image, the bump mapping part of the material use the bump map image, the cosine power part use the cosine power map image, and the specular color part use the specular map image. See this image for an example: Also, I needed to turn on High Quality Rendering to have Maya use the normal map and spec map information in the viewport (which is evident in the truck in the example image).

Off-topic: OK, now I’m REALLY suspicious that Kurit is back, seeing as the OP hasn’t posted since I mentioned The Unforgivable One.

On-topic: Why do you call it a “cosine power map”? If I’m understanding it properly, it’s just a specular exponent map, aka gloss map. Somewhat uncommon, but there’s no need to bring in trigonometry where it isn’t needed or often used.

I don’t know for sure; that’s just the name Infinity Ward used for it.

Likely could have something to do with the cosine function being present in the equation:

Basically, it is a toggle-able emission map.

OMFG why do people do this there is no need to use 3d ripper dx on call of duty 4 cause of the dam mod tools lets you do it yourself and extract props,weapons player models and animation (animations can only be imported to maya cause well that’s what the cod4 tools work for

Can’t export maps. :eng101:

yea but you can export the props so the map can be recreated in the SDk map editor

Maybe he doesn’t want the map in the Source engine. Maybe he wants it to create a render in 3DS Max.

There I am done arguing my point