How Can I Improve My DarkRP Server?

How Can I Improve My DarkRP Server?
im just curious

Uninstall DarkRP. Yes I know “It’s the community, not the gamemode”, but that’s like blaming the mosquito s for being attracted to the stagnant water. If you really want to keep it as a DarkRP server and have no desire to change to something better, just try and make it unique, and less focused on guns. It all depends on the feeling you want people to have when they visit your server.

I had a DRP server running a year ago that got pretty popular by the avarge RPers, nothing serious but not a fucking fuck fest with guns either. Like Loriborn said, restrict guns or add high prices to them and try to get some reality to it. also make doors more expensive to stop door griefers from locking all the doors on the server.

Make it unique.

make ammo only purchasable from gun dealers
so many servers allow people to purchase their own ammo for $0 and its not very good for rp

We did this recently, fun idea. Also made a “Ammo Machine”.

However, removing ammo purchases from DarkRP takes some minor LUA knowledge and to know your way around DarkRP code, or some knowledge of a nice text search (Notepad++ I wub you).

Then again, I’ve never seen a popular server with no decent LUA coder behind it. Apart from mine, but I’m special :wink: