How can I improve texture resolution?

I’m trying to make some custom textures but they are a bit low-res for my tastes. Finer details like text could be better and I’m looking for advice on how to improve image quality.

My current method is to use Inkscape.

  1. Get the dimensions (64x80 in this example).
  2. Make an image twice the size (128x160).
  3. Put it on a 128x256 transparency to make the dimensions a power of 2.
  4. Export as a PNG at 180 dpi instead of the default 90 dpi.
  5. Convert via VTFEdit.

Fits perfect with the 0.25/0.25 scaling.

Any suggestions would be great. Perhaps an ideal way to configure VTFEdit when I create the VTFs?

All my custom textures are at minimum 512x512, some 1024x1024. I think your image sizes are just too small.

what vtf format are you using

imo for anything with a lot of detail/gradients dxt5 and dxt1 are bad
and you should use brg888 or bgra8888 for higher quality

obviously dxt has better file size compression so use these other formats sparingly

In my opinion even though BGR888 doesn’t compress the texture itself aka mostly full (if not full), for even the most common dimensions like 512x512 and 1024x1024, you can expect the file size of the texture alone up to several megabytes, not including the bump map with it of same size. Even then there isn’t a huge noticeable difference in quality. So when making textures, if it’s strictly for yourself or for a mod, go ahead and use BGR888, but most of the time people end up sharing their custom work and not too many people will be pleased when they discover the file size of their maps after packing to be well over a hundred or two hundred megabytes just because of a load of uncompressed textures.

I always use 2048x2048 :slight_smile:

I could resize them later if I have to.