How can I make a DarkRP sever populated?

Hi, I recently got finished with my server, but ur, how can I get people to join?
BTW, since I’m nice and smart, I will not be telling what that server is.

Have enjoyable content that makes people want to stay. A bunch of unrelated addon’s that are seen on any other server does the opposite of make it unique.

Have good admins, do not let kids donate to become admin, it never ends well

Get a bunch of friends and acquaintances to play on the server so it looks populated, nobody wants to play on an empty server.

Learn how to code custom jobs and addons or find someone who can do it for you. Make custom stuff that’s appealing and unique and then advertise it in the title of your server on the server list.

Have a meta-game, i.e. some kind of progression system where players can unlock custom jobs and customization options (pointshop, etc.) by playing on your server. Having a sense of progression will make players want to stay on your server.

Make it slightly unique, have a gang system, colorful UI/HUD, introduce silly things like magical powers/farming.

Above all else, have fun. Stop treating shit so seriously.

Add “NEED STAFF” to the title. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Use bots to increase player count. You can also use redirect servers to make your server worldwide.

This thread is so cancerous.Full of sarcastic shit so please just close it.Your probably not even gonna have your own server anyway.

The only sarcastic response was mine.

He’s probably mad because he can’t try new things for his DarkRP server.

Aren’t there enough DarkRP servers?

Create and use custom content, don’t go on a spending spree on scriptfodder

Give them free vip, free admin, 10000000$ start, that will work