How can I make a remote desktop for my server?

I was wondering, how can I use the cmd prompt to be the console of my server. Like when running SRCDS no one I know knows how to do this, thanks for the help.

Just run teamviewer or something. Using CMD itself isn’t possible as far as I am aware. Or launch an instance of GMod in -textmode (launch option), and use the console commands to RCon into it. textmode stops the game displaying anything graphical.

Just use HLSW, You can connect to any server from there. Entering the Rcon password lets you have control over your server on your own desktop.

What I’m saying though is, I bought a server I’m just wondering if you can have console in cmd prompt like SRCDS.

Edit: you beat me Posting, I’ll try that, thanks.


Teamviewer on the other computer, start on startup, always same ID & password.

any way to view gmod -textmode on my ipod touch without teamviewer? :saddowns: it’d help a bunch


Thanks guys, I believe I have it figured out. Now the only thing left to do is know how to work HLSW xD

Thanks a bunch members of facepunch! :smiley:

the SRCDS prompt is the console… are you asking – nvm

There is an picture here meatwad

You put your ip in the server/ip then at the bottom you put in your rcon or where ever it is and it lets you control it.

What about using SSH or something like that?

Depends if his server is running Linux.

Also OP is it a rented game server or have you actually purchased a server?

What I was asking for is this, I’ve seen youtube vids using this on a server they bought. Also as rented you mean “you pay monthly for the server” then yes…

That’s called a VPS or buy a dedicated server.