how can i make a thing

hi how can i make my npc mode or vehicle??? wat program?? pls post a link here thnks =P




Follow this tutorial and change everything related to TF2 to Gmod.

Now can we have that in English please, I dont think we quite understand what you mean.


oh thank you Hakita, dont some people use Blender or somthing? Prehaps?

I remember someone mentioning a certain program of sorts before but i cant for the life of me remember.

lol i know i am can use blender but a easy program?? like poser 9


=D thnks for translating =P sub u on youtube =D
That could be useful for you.

no thnks =D edit: seeeeeeeex =P :a2m: :a2m: :a2m: :a2m: :a2m: =D thnks

I smell a banhammer!
Anyways as far as I know Blender is exacly for new to 3D modeling and such.3D’s max seems to be harder,but has a diferent method of achieving the model so you might try that too.