How can I make error models different?

So I have a problem with my Garry’s Mod.
Whenever I search for props and see one that’s an error (game I don’t own), all my weapons and most props become pink checkered.
What I need is some sort of different error model that is from a game I own and when there is an error it will just show up as a normal model and I think that might work.
How can I change error models?

Uhm, the only options are to pirate (no) or buy the other games (yes). Besides that, I can’t really help ya from there.

well, garry’s there actually is an addon that changes the error models. Instead of big red errors, they look like small gift boxes that say “fix me” on the tag. I believe its a model from The ship.

You can’t change the pink checkerboard though.

I managed to make the checkered board texture see trough also the error model but that was long time ago and I am not sure how the new G.mod directories work and to be honest don’t have time to dig shit out so if someone want to do it then maybe this msg managed to give you some direction for that… with other words try to make textures see through and you’re good to go.

I think you can do that on a per-texture basis, but not for all missing textures.

I am not sure how to explain this, my English isn’t perfect and I am a noob at explaining things when comes to technology, oh well at least I will try…

The “missing texture” pink checkered box texture is actually one texture which is somewhere in Garry’s Mod directory, like I said I don’t know where it could be since it changed over the years, it was really a long time ago when I did that… So the point is you can change that texture and every time you get the ingame missing texture you will get the exact same thing everywhere… Example, if you put a texture to be green every missing texture in game will be that green texture… So whatever you put that texture to be it will be on every missing texture spot. About the missing model red “ERROR” in game sign, you could do the same thing, change the texture to one color and make it see through, everyone who works with texturing must know how to do that… and there you go, it basically after that fix it wont show up ingame. I have no problems with it anymore bcs I have all the basic games needed on STEAM so I am ok depends for what other people need fix for. Well truth is now again I only have installed CSS and GM bcs that the only thing I use right now. If I eventually need something more like Ep1 and Ep2, portal etc. then I reinstall it and after that when I don’t need it I uninstall it to save space on my HDD bcs I currently have a small HDD my 1tb died. Also for everyone who is going to buy new HDDs I suggest to build an extra cooler where the HDD is right away. Example I thought it wont need it but I found out on a hard way that most of new HDDs and technology in general overheats really easy and I lost a lot of projects that I had on it.

Really? I thought that the engine applied the pink and black checkerboard.

Yeah I am serious, if you look for it your self one day you might find it. It’s well hidden somewhere in GM directories. Also I believe I am not the only one who did this, people any feedback on this?

Nothing needs to be pirated, ERROR.mdl can be changed however the missing texture cannot I believe.

theres one that changes ERROR to FUCK. So when you see a giant red flashing FUCK, you fucked up.

I believe the pink and black checkerboard texture is called null.vtf, if I remember correctly.

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I really don’t remember that well :v:

I found null.vtf and its just a small black dot.