How can I make gamemodes better?

I’m gonna be looking at gamemodes soon, to see what we can do to improve and encourage more of them… especially singleplayer gamemodes (maybe not sandbox as much as story based).

One of the ideas I had was to be changing the gamemode on the main menu, and that affecting everything else (like the skin, menu background etc). And if you have a gamemode set when you start a new game it’ll start in that gamemode, and when you search for servers it’ll find only that gamemode.

Anyone have any input?

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Maybe a better way to select them, instead of the dropdown menu.

Shipping more gamemodes with the game would definitely be better, gamemodes such as Zinger (if it ever gets finished) are prime examples of the sort of thing that should be included.

You could allow a user to download some approved gamemodes (DarkRP, Some new SP Gamemodes, whatever) through the main menu.

I imagine if you do that you have to have some disclaimer since they use a 3rd svn site like google code.

This may sound silly and trivial but I’d quite like a better way to include modules with a gamemode.
Having to do gamemodename/gamemode/includes/modules is a bit ick. Maybe just gamemodename/modules?
I quite like building potentially re-usable sections of code into actual re-usable Lua modules, but having to hide them three levels deep (including one empty folder) is a bit annoying.
It would also help people who need binary modules like mysql/queryphys/sourcenet/openaura_1(ha ha ha) for their gamemode to work.
On the note of MySQL, could you possibly include libmysql with gmod?
It wouldn’t give any benifits to end users admittedly, but it would certainly help server hosters.

I would love to see a better way to add modules to gamemodes, this sounds perfect.

DarkRP base gmod gamemode.


Defiantly agree with including libmysql. It comes with SQLite so why not include MySQL modules as well.

I wouldn’t go for him including the actual gm_ mysql modules, since there are three of them and it’s nice to let people choose (+ updates), but including the libmysql.dll that all of them need would simplify both distribution and installation.

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(yes and the .so/.dylib versions too before anyone complains about windows-centric)

and then we have the issue of modules becoming out of date and garry doesn’t have the source to update them.


Yeah it’d be cool if they could act like Source mods; changing the entire menu, maybe even have their own soundtrack.

can’t think of any technical problems, it just seems to be being able to make it easier for people to play new gamemodes

stuff that comes to mind would be having a specific gamemode browser, listing all the current gamemodes and total servers playing them, allowing you to click in and list all the servers for that gamemode.

some easy way to ensure the client is sent all the specific gamemode data would be pretty awesome too… something along the lines of zipping up the whole content folder and downloading it automatically (without having to mess about with both making sure every file is available to fastdownload, having it go straight into the garrysmod/ folder cluttering up that stuff) would ideally make it easier for gamemode creators making being able to ensure the client gets all the content, server owners as they’d have to set up less and clients as they would ideally have all the content separated, could even go as far as having it list the gamemode specific content in the same way you just implemented for addons in the spawn menu

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the whole starting a new game in a different gamemode then only listing servers for that gamemode sounds like it would be awkward for users but can’t really say without seeing it in action I guess

I for one would personally love to see Garry’s Mod used more as a base for singleplayer games, the Elevator:Source mod is a perfect example of this

Add workshop support for gamemods, like you did with addons.

Well, if Garry updates GMod again and some of the modules he includes get outdated - How will he fix them?

Somehow I don’t think libmysql is going to be broken by a garrysmod update, what with it being completely unconnected in every possible way.

Every public module must have the source included (or in a separate download link).

Give game-modes the ability to control most things in gmod, like the main menu.
And although it might sound absurd, the ability to launch a game-mode from desktop, like a source mod, we should be able to make g mods, coding the game using lua rather then C++. I always thought the idea of Garry’s Mod becoming its own engine in sorts would be amazing.