How can I make maps for Gmod?

This is a question (lol, of course), how can I make maps for Gmod, If you know any toturial or link or someting, post pl0x

Perhaps it would have been wise to look in the ‘mapping’ section. It contains an excellent resource:

Thx :smiley:

dmb fck.

If you can’t navigate to the mapping section your intelligence is too low to learn to map.

troll. he made a mistake. so what. we’ve all done this before.

Nope, i never made this mistake.
I learned how to map via GOOGLE and a little common sense.

This mistake is very common with new users. It’s not his fault that he is new to fp. Alot of the new fp users make this mistake once, then learn, then don’t repeat themselves. Anyone can map if they try, how good they get at it depends on the time that they are willing to put into it.


Anyways, welcome to fp :sigh: