How can I make "+Menu" work with bindtoggle? Garry's Mod won't work otherwise

In the code is stuff that may or may not be relevant to my question. Read if you like.


OS: Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty +Wine 1.1.29
Processor: AMD Asslon 3100+
Ram: 2GB DDR400
Video: ATI Radeon 1GB HD 3650 (Radeon for us poverty folk)
Drivers: ATI Catalyst 9.8, (Linux drivers, of course)

Note: The text in all Source game (As in HL2's Engine) consoles are screwed up if that helps narrow it down. I may be missing a magic DLL or something.

Note: In all Source games, some textures get scrambled upon loading requiring me to change the texture resolution down then back up after every load.

I have no other issues in the source games besides Garry's Mod.

The Problem:
Whenever I press Q in Garry's Mod, the menu pops up for about 1 seconds, then fades halfway, disables the cursor and makes the player's view spin.
I believe this is a Ubuntu-specific error though I could be wrong.

However, when I press +menu in the console as a command, it works fine as it is toggled.

I tried BindToggle, but unfortunately that seems to only work with 1/0 type commands (E.G d_disableAI 1).

Is there already a command that works with BindToggle to open the menu? (Probably something like /showmenu 1)
If Yes: What is the command?
If No: How can I make the +menu command work with BindToggle if possible?
…If Possible: How?
…If Impossible: How do I create a console command from a +xxxx command?

Comon, thrown to the second page? It’s not that hard a question.

Here, I whipped this up really quick, stick it in your autorun.cfg

alias QMenuToggle "QMenuOn"
alias QMenuOn "+menu; alias QMenuToggle QMenuOff"
alias QMenuOff "-menu; alias QMenuToggle QMenuOn"

Bind a key to “QMenuToggle” and you’ll be good to go.

Thanks! But…I don’t know where Autorun.CFG is. Someone mind telling me?

I’m not familiar with Ubuntu, but the file path should be something similar to this:


Any configuration files go into this folder. If you don’t have an autorun.cfg, just create the file yourself.