How can I make models for Garry's Mod?

How can I make models for Garry’s Mod?
like a Teapot or something.

You get a modelling program such as this and follow tutorials.

Maybe showing someone who wants to learn modelling a program that has a con of ‘Proves very overwhelming for newcomers to 3D modelling’ isn’t such a great idea… Although I don’t model…

I can’t model either, I map. I just posted the only one I could think of, and I’m told that Blender is shit.

Ah, fair does… I’ve had a little play with blender but nothing constructive happened, although I did notice a lot of documentation… so it might be a good way to start?

I want to know how to make viewmodels and worldmodels for an idea I have in my head (Yes, it’s a weapon)

And Blender is decent. Juuust decent.

There’s several ways to do it, depending on your preferred modeling program. I like to use solidworks, which is engineering software and not video game modeling software, therefore I have to export to blender, take care of the physics model, optomization, and skin unwrap there, then export the SMDs from there. Beyond that it’s just batch and QC file edits. The first time around is very difficult, but it quickly becomes second nature

I have made a 3D model in 3DS Max , how can I put it in Garry’s Mod?

Get the Wallworm model tools for 3DS Max, also get the addons that Wallworm requires, make all your animations end to end then in sequences type in names for animations then pick properties like start and end times (cant go over 1000) add attachments to bones, choose a collision model or auto collide, chose a material, make valid folder paths then export. Go to the export location (chosen on setup of wallworm, you need to execute the script for wallworm) then edit the .qc with Notepad++, then use the Gui Smd Compiler err by someone… to easily compile the model to your game directory.