How can i make my model texture compatible with Player Color?

The title is pretty self explanatory. How can i make my model texture compatible with Player Color feature in garrysmod? I read somewhere that it has to do with alpha masks, but i dont understand ANYTHING about that.
For example:
i have this texture, and i want the white part of the logo to be compatible with the Player color, NOTHING ELSE, just the white part of the logo.

how would i accomplish that?

bump. Someone?

The colouring thing works from the alpha channel of the diffuse map
White means the tint colour has more influence, black means less, with all shades inbetween.

So for this, the alpha channel would look like:

Then, to tell the texture to use it to decide how the model should be tinted, add this to the .vmt:

	"$blendtintbybasealpha" "1" 
 	"$blendtintcoloroverbase" "0"

Keep in mind, the colour is blended over the diffuse colour.
So for example, if you had a red streak down the side of a model you wanted colourable, you would be much better off making it a desaturated shade of grey, so that the tint isn’t effected.
Otherwise, green tint over a red patch would look rubbish and not green at all. In this there’s no problem since it’s white, but it is important.

Thanks for that! Just one question (pardon my ignorance in photoshopping :v: )

Where should i PUT the alpha channel? on the same vtf as my texture? New layer in the same vtf? Different VTF?

Just a note, i’m using and a VTF exporter for it.



Paint.NET isn’t capable of doing alpha channels properly, the only way of giving you texture an alpha channel is to use one of the selection tools or the eraser to delete parts of the image you want on the alpha channel, but that’s hardly efficient, especially if you want non-solid white parts to be colored

If you can’t afford Photoshop, try using Gimp, it’s free and i think that’s capable of accessing an image’s Red, Green, Blue and Alpha channels

Thank you! It worked! Now ill sum it up for others that stumble upon this post.

Have your texture load on a paint program, prefferably GIMP or PhotoShop. In the Channels, create an alpha channel if it hasn’t been created already. There, the parts you WANT to change color, set it to white, the parts you dont, change to black. gray will be part colorable, with a bit of the original texture’s colors on it, the darker, the less original colors.

When done, save as a TGA (be sure Alpha channels is selected) and import it in vtfedit and save it. Finally put the code Free Man provided

	"$blendtintbybasealpha" "1" 
 	"$blendtintcoloroverbase" "0"

In the vmt. Finally, put this code in the vmt:

			resultVar	$color2
			default		0.53 0.46 0.39

and it should work!

Ill leave the topic open for those who have any questions.

Thanks for all the help guys!!!

You should also note that when importing the image into VTF Edit, the formats for the VTF you should choose is DXT5, DTX1 does not support alpha channels whereas DXT5 does