How can i make streaming radio?

Like perp have

I can hear hitz and all

how i do that :S?

HTML panels or gm_bass

Yea i need with bass so people not near the radio can’t hear

You can make me one like that :S?

Nope, you can make you one like that.

I have no idea how lol

Well then this belongs in reqests and not Newbie Questions seeing as you have no knowledge of Lua (or English grammar)


Thanks you :frowning:

You not fair i know lua little but still

There is no guide or nothing to work with gm_bass…

Yes there is, it provides you with a list of functions that are pretty much self explanatory.

And why i can’t find it lol

Because you can’t use Google?

Yea thats i know but if i not near the radio i can’t hear him?

Cause i mean like perp

When you move from the radio the volume down and down till you not hear it (LOL)

I want like that

so thats the way?

If you looked at the link, there is a function where you set the origin of the sound. BASSHANDLE:setposition(Vector(x, y, z))

I see…

Well if i want it to check x y z of an entity

How i can do that?

You said you have some knowledge of Lua?


LOL i know that
But it’s not working!

  • i tryed
    It’s not stoping the music lol

You have to call stop() on the handle not on the bass table…



No like BASS:stop()

BASS referring to your BASS handler.

ok now i understand it

i tryed something like this


function ENT:Think()
if self.Entity:WaterLevel() > 0 then

	local effectdata = EffectData()
	effectdata:SetOrigin( self.Entity:GetPos())
	util.Effect( "PropellerBubbles", effectdata )

BASS.StreamFileURL( “”, 0, function(basschannel)
self.radiostream = basschannel
if self.SongNr == 0 then
if self.SongNr == 1 then
self.radiostream:set3dposition(self:GetPos(), zerovec, zerovec)


I’m kinda new

what i did wrong :S

You’re making a new BASS object in the Think hook. (Which gets called several times a ms)

Create the BASS stuff in your Initialize function.

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self.radiostream:set3dposition(self:GetPos(), zerovec, zerovec)

The function was called ‘:setposition(vecPosition)’ not ‘:set3dposition(vecPosition, nil, nil)’