How Can I Make Stuff Ping Based?

So like CS:S does this, everything is ping based like UI ect… One thing I tried was with a auto hop I added it in lua/autorun/server and that made it ping based but, how can I do this with UI and stuff? Anyone know? Thanks

… what?

You can use net library to send request to the server and back

why make an UI Ping based? I dont get what you mean.

It makes things smoother, adds more of a CS:S feel to things.

I don’t think ping is what you are looking for? Possibly you mean frame rate? Even so, it will not make that much of a difference?

I do mean ping based. It might work using nets but isn’t it impossible for a HUD to be SERVER SIDED?

the drawn HUD cant be server sided? do you mean like making changes to the HUD based on serverside changes or what? all data on a hud is available clientside, it’s not clear what you are asking

He said you can do this (I’m trying to make UI ping based meaning it updates based on ping) but isn’t it impossible for a HUD to be serversided?

You can get ping clientside? LocalPlayer():Ping()

Unless you’re trying to get some other magical ping in which case I have no idea what you’re doing

You’re going to need to explain what you want in detail because I don’t think anyone here has a clue what you’re asking for. The phrase “ping-based” is incredibly vague.

I’m trying to say that CS:S updates on ping so like if you have 100 ping the UI will take a longer time to update then someone with 30 ping. In the video my ping was 30 so you can see that it has a bit lag in the UI and auto hop. I’m trying to do this on GMOD.

This seems very dumb, stupid and a waste of time.
Let alone the fact no one can understand what you are talking about correctly.

I think he’s simply trying to ask us how to make stuff predicted properly.

I still don’t understand what you’re trying to say, but if you’re trying to send information back and forth between a person with high ping less frequently to save bandwidth, this is a giant waste of time, as the amount of bandwidth used for transmitting that info is almost negligible.

Then again, that might not even be what you’re trying to accomplish.

Please, tell us clearly what it is that you want and what its supposed to accomplish.

Maybe he means simulating having a bad ping? Like, If you have a bad ping, it makes it more laggy? I dunno.

Say for example: you have a Speed HUD and when you have 100 ping because of high ping, it skips. So say the walk speed is 300, and as you get to 300 speed it skips (like frames) to 50 to 300 speed.

Make a timer with your ping as a delay or use net messages?

So you’re asking how to de-optimize the UI? This “ping-based” thing exists in other source games because of technical limitations: You can’t run code on the client, so you have your plugin stream the UI text to clients. If you want to emulate this you can send the appropriate values or even the full text from the server to the client, but this is a very not good idea. I really, really can’t see why you’d want to do this.

Not to mention that the BHOP script is the worst possible place to use this kind of thing. Player movements are all predicted by clients, so you’re guaranteed to be running on old information. You could try doing the entire thing on the client and emulating the lag.

In conclusion this is incredibly asinine and a fabulous example of the XY problem and I really need to stop ranting on the internet and go to sleep.

The idea behind this thread is that CS:S is still the most popular game to bhop on, and so people look down on Gmod bhop, because of how different it is (Even though it is clearly more user-friendly and optimized). The whole point is to replicate CS:S bhop in Gmod (Which I could go on and on about why I think it’s wrong but that’s not the point of this thread)