How can i make sun beams ?

I wanna make sun beams flow into hole in wall into dark room.
Please help me.



And a func_dustmote.


I guess you could achieve a cool effect with a window with blinds going across it with an env_projectedtexture pointed at it.

i cant make there window becouse the hole in the wall is made by falling tree

How big’s the whore?

Its “Hole” by the way.

Can u help me? or its impossible?

Shit, I know. My bad.

Thanks :3:

You changed it to whore? :v:

Thanks for help -.-

I dunno about you, but I’d rather fuck a prossy than a hole in a wall.


func_dustmote, env_projectedtexture.

Play around with them.

^ this.

What is this ??


Like this? There’s props you can use to get the effect, imaginatively named ‘volumentric_light’ under ‘effects’ I think it was.

There is another way, using additive blending on materials, which is pictured above. But it’s fucking slow as piss in game, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

It can’t be that bad, can it?

That’s i need ! How to make it? Any tutorials?

You can just use the volumetric light prop materials on a brush if there are no props of the right size/shape.

Where can i find it?

if you’re using ep2 you’ll struggle because the texture browser hides model textures, but filter “vol” in ep1 should do it.

is it possible to do with only hl2 ? i need to make it in hl2 engine for zs mod