How Can I make VPN Gmod Server

Well, as the title suggests, so basically how can I make this baby’s VPN here to host a Gmod server

Yes I already know what a virtual server is and how to use it.
My idea is actually to play Gmod with couple of friends from my block, without using the my Real IP.

So does anyone have a clue how can I achieve that, so no minge can enter our private virtual connection layer?

Isn’t this what sv_password is for?

If you are worried about your friends getting your IP, they are not your friends haha…

Nope, ether I have or do not have an rcon, it is not running trough a private channel…

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No, all of my friends have my IP, but it’s easier to connect trough VPN without entering

connect [IP_Here] [Enter].

The server will just being visible over Lan, instead of going through all the internet servers to find it every time. Come to think of it you do not need to enable the console if the setup is made like this.

I’ve found this guide now …

But in the scheme, the other PC seems to also have a VPN enabled router… Have to make deep look into it …

sv_password has nothing to do with rcon_password.

Yes that’s true, but I want all my clients to be local despite being connected trough internet…
Let’s say something like a VPN hamachi to be exact, but the Hamachi is a software solution of my problem.

Access the VPN’S gateway and open the ports…?

As Sprain said you will need full control of the VPN to unblock ports and configure forwarding etc.

I would suggest getting your own VPS and running it through there or you are stuck with a software solution

I’ve got hardware VPN supported by my router