How can I mute players microphones?

Some people are extremely annoying, or they micpsam music which is intentionally bad. How can I mute them? I haven’t played Garry’s Mod much recently, so I’m not familiar with the new UI. It would really help if I could use the old UI.

Just hold tab as though your going to see the scoreboard, There should be a mic symbol on the far right on each persons line of the scoreboard.

(To the right of the ping) Click that and it should mute their mic :smiley:

Unfortunately, this option isn’t available in all gamemodes. Is it possible to use the old UI?

Is there a console command that relates to muting someones microphone? I would love a return of the PLAYERS section on the main menu when you hit escape, because as mentioned above, the mute option is not available in all gamemodes scoreboards.

Someone should make a clientside mute addon ! <3

Just look for a mic or any kind of mute feature :confused:

Hmmm, You could ask any admins that are on the server to mute them for you. Otherwise you may just have to find another server unless you can put up with the “spam”.

I could do this for you if you wanted to but it would only work on servers that allow LUA scripts.