How can I not run rust with these specs

how can i not run rust with these specs only getting around 20-30 fps

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any help?


^ That there’s your issue. AMD makes budget CPUs, they are built for anything but gaming, or at least their laptop CPUs are. Plus integrated Radeon Graphics are REALLY shit. I know because it is what I have on my laptop (bought it solely for school and on the go, no gaming.)
EDIT: sorry, I didn’t read your specs correctly, looks like you are running on a desktop. The issue is still the integrated APU graphics. Go buy a graphics card and a new power supply and you will play it fine. In fact, PM me, I can sell you my old GeForce GTX 560 Ti for rather cheap, been looking to get rid of it.

lol that’s not integrated graphics…
You didn’t really provide much detail into what the problem is.
Try turning grass off (press f1) i dont know the command but its like true… that’s not it but something like that

That being said, integrated graphics IN GENERAL are all sub-par for gaming… In general, i find AMD CPU’s to be perfectly fine, and Even their APU’s perform fairly well so long as you have a dedicated graphics card ( as anyone intending to game on a Desktop should ).

Personally ive got an A8 5600k at a Base clock of 4.0ghz, with a GTX660, and im managing to pull a solid 120+ fps

In short, Jonny be right here… A dedicated Graphics card should give you a very decent performance boost, in ALL games not just in Rust…

Should give you good gaming performance seeing as it’s Two powerful DirecthX 11-Enabled graphics processors.

This seems pretty weird, try looking for new drivers or if the card get’s over heated or something around that…

BTW; You from HF? :slight_smile:

the “D” at the end means integrated graphics. It’s an APU, meaning it’s the CPU and the GPU on one chip. Even look here. Notice the gpu it is paired with.

A 5 second google search provides us with this page here:

There you will clearly see, that it is most definitely an integrated graphics card…

Ah, the 5600K, back when I was on an AMD build, that is exactly what I had paired with my 560 Ti, not a bad little CPU but there is NO competition once you go Intel, except you will be much lighter on the pocket lol

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Ninja’d you on that one bud :v: but thanks!

Yea, that was the issue when i went with the 5600k, really wanted an i5 3750k but didnt have the coin, and most of the games i was into were more GPU intensive than CPU… That being said, i do have a slight fetish for AMD CPU’s now, even if their Graphics cards have left a slightly bad taste in my mouth lol

EDIT: Supporting Documents are always nice, wouldnt you agree Jonny? :wink:

Currently most integrated graphics processors are not viable for gaming, in comparison to stand-alone graphics cards. Don’t buy them expecting to play demanding games like this.

Yeah, I like to back things up so I can show I actually know what I am talking about. And yeah, AMD is budget PC parts, they made their start reverse engineering Intel CPUs (lawfully, since Intel had the monopoly on CPUs, I think can’t remember my history too well.) I wouldn’t knock them though, both have major benefits (like AMD being much cheaper.)

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Integrated likely will never be any good, they don’t have any on-board memory, they steal from system RAM (if I remember correctly.) As RAM runs MUCH slower than VRAM, it is never going to be viable, at least until RAM runs at speeds of video RAM.

This might sound weird, but try setting your graphics quality to fantastic or beautiful. Not in game Rust, but on the launch menu.

care to share how that would do him any good?

Sorry, misunderstood his post. Just thought he was having bad FPS lag. Sorry for helping bb. :wink:

join a server that has the ability for the command /fpsboost. turned down all my graphics to minimum and gave me consistent 60 fps. but yea this game is badly optimized. however, running on intel machines seem to give stable fps. my 2700k, 8gb, gtx670 pushes the game @ 1920 res @ 80 fps constant on maxxed graphics.

but playing low, directx9? for consistent 60 fps and ability to see enemies easier makes it gaming on my laptop a breeze :slight_smile:

asus k56cb
i7-3537u 2…0ghz turboboost 2.9ghz
8gb ram
gt740m 2gb dedicated.
250gb samsung ssd