how can I open rust from its own folder without getting EAC disconnected

how can I open rust from its own folder without getting EAC disconnected while connecting to a server?I want to open rust with high-performance NVIDIA processor to have a good FPS and I cant do it when i want to open it from steam directly.I tried to save it in nvidia control panel it saves but never changes anything i want to do it because when i dont i have to worst FPS have ever seen in rust!Do you have any ideas?

You’re opening RustClient.exe - which bypasses loading EAC.

Load Rust.exe instead - that’s the EAC loader, which passes control to RustClient.exe once it’s gotten itself started.

Right-click on the desktop and set your default graphics adapter to be your Nvidia, as a simpler way. However, note that this will mean your laptop will use the Nvidia card for almost everything, which will increase power drain.

Also make sure you have the power profile set to High Performance.

when I open Rust.exe even with high-performance NVIDIA again it doesnt work I have the same worst FPS its just like opening it from steam and right click on desktop then where?Please give me more detail s Im not that much knowledgeable in laptops :expressionless:

You have to manually set the game to use your graphics card, and I THINK the options to do that are in the Nvidia Control Panel, however you may want to wait for word from Elix because he knows for sure.

I did you think what Im trying to say?again it doesnt work and sure I will w8



It is not your ram. It is your graphics card. Upgrade it.
Calm down.

my graphics card?its 750m it bad?

I’m running rust on a gtx980. I don’t know what 750m is but I bet that’s the problem.


Ugh tech noobz strike again…

  1. You can’t upgrade a laptop GPU.
  2. A 750m is more than adequate for Rust.
  3. You need to go into your Nvidia control panel to fix Rusts low frame rate. You can tell you PC to runt rust specifically with your 750m, there are a few YouTube videos that will show you how to do this. This leads me to my next point.
  4. Making Rust run well doesn’t permanently make you PC more power hungry.

Please people if you don’t understand tech please don’t post stupid shit to confuse the person that needs help.

Maybe you should take your own advice as well…a 750m is not more than adequate for Rust. I have 2 of them running in sli and I struggle with frames sometimes.

SLI mobile graphics… Not common AND Rust doesn’t officially run SLI. There was a fix found to run SLI but I can’t be bothered looking it up right now. Also what graphic quality do you run, surely you aren’t dealing with the low fps that comes with trying to use Intel HD graphics.

The GTX 750 runs Rust at decent settings, and the m versions don’t fall far behind. I think what is causing your performance issues is something other than your GPU.

Nope, wrong. I have an i7 and 8gb of ram. The issue definitely stems from the gpus.

Discrete GPUs like the 750M,960M, or 980M can be upgraded. Most discrete mobile GPUs are installed in a standard mini PCI-E slot, and can be easily upgraded – so long as you’re okay with disassembling your laptop to get to it.

TNX alot!and yeah you can say that again :slight_smile: