How can i pack a map full of textures?

I run a server and I run it on the map “gm_flatgrass_advanced” and it runs great for me. But some clients join the server and are missing some textures. I know you use packrat to pack them, but i dont know which textures are being used. For instance, the sky is what they complain about. I decompiled the map, and for the skybox it just says tools/skybox, or something similar. I need to have this map packed! =) It would be a great deed.

That looks like the Militia Skybox.
Do that have Counter-Strike?

Map > Map properties. It let’s you choose your skybox.

That’s mapping basics, dude.

Open the map’s .bsp in Pakrat and use the “scan” button. You don’t have to add all the textures manually.

You would if they are css textures from inside a gcf.