How can I prevent dropped weapons from moving once dropped

I want to have it so that weapons can’t be crowbarred or pushed by grenade explosions etc once they have been dropped on the ground. But gravity can still move it after you drop it. I want them to act exactly the same way as ammo.

From what I understand the ammo models are prop_physics and prop_static, while the weapon world models are prop_dynamic only. Is there any way to change this?

This is for TTT.


If you mean bullet shells by “ammo”, these are particles of some sort, they don’t have to do anything with the actual physics, it’s fake and primitive. prop_* classes are not related to these entities as well. You couls try achieving this effect by hooking DropWeapon and setting weapon collision group to something like debris. Not sure if there’s a collision group that does just that, but you should try

I was going to say to set the collision group to COLLISION_GROUP_DEBRIS, but after testing, it has some really weird behaviour with prop_physics: namely, it can still be shot and it falls through the world after being simulated with a physgun. Not really sure how to do this without constantly setting the entity velocity to 0.

Maybe override the damage force in a EntityTakeDamage hook? Just guessing