How can I remove the ping from the scoreboard? TTT

So, I’ve checked around and nowhere a quick google and Steam scavenging has lead me has given me any satiating answers. I’ve tried to set up my own scoreboard you see, however I know very minimal Lua and so I could not get anything done properly, and thus I have resorted to sticking with the default scoreboard - which I’m complacent with. I do however have one request that I simply very much want for my server that is a really stupid and odd thing that I feel like I need, but how can I remove the entire “ping” column from the scoreboard? [TTT].

I have tried extremely basic and barbaric things, such as going through every single file in my dedicated Gmod server’s files with the term “scoreboard” in them, then checking if they have the term “ping” and removing the entire line. Alas, (and to no surprise of mine), it did not work.

And so, here I am, asking a rather unorthodox question to any developer out there who can aid me who knows way more lua than I do. The most I’ve done with my server is add a few addons that need it to function, and a few sweps now and then. My lua knowledge is very poor aside from copy and pasting. Because of this I haven’t really attempted any code.

I want everything to remain the same, so the “score”, “deaths”, “karma” and all of that remain, however the entire “ping” column just simply vanishes. My reasoning for this is that I, along with everybody who uses my server find it annoying (despite of course being very useful to know one’s own ping). Also, I do have another reason, but I shall not share it. Let’s just pretend I have a perfectly great reason to just delete the ping column.

If possible, I would like to replace it with a column for everybody’s number of coins in their pointshop… So that’s a big ask that I don’t expect to be filled. I know it’s not likely to be done, but it’s not really about that - I don’t just want a new column - I want to eradicate and obliterate the ping column but leave something useful-ish in its place.

This is a bizarre question so if you don’t want to help me (or wish to ridicule me for my lack of Lua knowledge - I imagine this could potentially be a relatively simple idea compared to many others) then that’s absolutely fine - it’s not the end of the world if this doesn’t happen so this is nowhere near top priority. I could in a sense waste your time.

And yes, I know the rules say that I should show my whole code and all that, but I don’t even have any code - I don’t know where to begin. I know the rules suggest I shouldn’t ask this if I haven’t done anything, but I’m significantly stuck and I just needed a cry of help somewhere - hopefully facepunch could aid me?

Can anybody help me? Thanks in advanced to anybody who’d want to.

Going to give this a low effort post that might provide a really basic and bad solution

find these lines in your files and remove them
These lines define the columns in the scoreboard that are for displaying ping, removing them should basically just remove them from panel

This did help and it worked! I was not expecting a reply so quickly; so all I can say is thank you.

However, this solution does have a few issues as all it seems to have done, now with the ping column removed, is move the top part of the scoreboard to the right. The rest is still where it should be; including the ping.

I.E. When I host my dedicated server just on my local network, from what I can see it will appear as the rank being 1000, karma 0, score 0 and deaths 5 (when I had not played once). Of course in actuality it’s the fact that my rank is blank, my karma is 1000, my score is 0, my deaths is 0 and what appears as my deaths is actually my ping.

So though your solution does technically work and it doesn’t show it’s the ping, the ping column is effectively still there; just it’s no longer labelled as the ping column.

Did I not carry your instructions through correctly (which would be daft as your instructions were both clear, simple and easy) or is it not a complete solution as you so said.
If so, how may I fix the remaining issue?

If you can’t help me any longer I appreciate that and that’s fine, I thank you enough already for helping me in the first place :slight_smile:

Would you be able to upload a screenshot of what you’re seeing

Truth be told I haven’t touched gmod in over a year, my instructions just came from a basic assumption the line that adds the columns to the panel would solve the issue.

Perhaps I didn’t phrase it well enough. My apologies!

I’ve redacted some information such as Steam players and the name of the server; but the main information that you care about is untouched. This is how I see it at the moment.

So, all the information is in the same column that it should be, but the title of “ping” has been deleted and so every title of the columns have moved to the right.

Hmm, Couldn’t find anything outside of removing the column from sb_row.lua, which is linked to in my first reply. I would assume you’ve edited the file to add ULX Ranks, which shouldn’t add any inconsistencies outside of Line Numbers.

Well, thank you for all your help and all your trouble anyway! :slight_smile: Have a good day and thanks again.

Whoops didn’t read - you could try replacing line 21 with
self:AddColumn("", function(ply) return “” end )

might work to keep the order of the columns

That was a magnificent solution! Thank you. The ping cannot be seen at all anymore, so that worked wonders.

The scoreboard is still a little weird (Karma, score and deaths still having titles in the wrong column), but there is no way to read the ping.

And though it’s not a perfect solution; it is a solution and so my request is fixed. Thank you!