How can i report cheater?

If i saw cheater in a game on the one server, how can i report him?

Tell an admin. We can’t do anything about it on this forum. Cheatpunch or VAC may get them soon though.

but if admin is offline then i cant report to vac or someone else?

VAC and Cheatpunch don’t take reports. They are automatic detection only. If an admin is offline, there’s nothing you can do at the moment.

ok, thanks bro

To report an hacker, while in RUST press shift-tab, it will open the steam panel, then click on “players”, select the person name (it should appear in recent or older games list) and use “report”. If it’s a community server you should contact the admin.

How to shot web?

Yup - as Snicker said they will get caught eventually by VAC.

Edit: I’m pretty sure VAC bans happen in waves which is usually why it might take a while.