how can i scale a player model ?

hi comes first,

in my gm i want some ppl to be smaller then others, like a kid or something

so once they choose a team, im using this


now everythings cool with that but,
those guys still need smaller models then others, so is there a way to scale a model, like a mini breen or something

and in addition to this the bullets need to be fired from a lower point(no idea how to this)

so if theres no such thing as scaling models i would need to scale it in a model programm, or is there any other way?
(if im missing anything on making this work properly, like a command for setting anything that i forgot to a lower or smaller position, please tell me)
thanks in advance

awesome !
thanks dude
im always searching the wiki
guess im to stupid for searchboxes :frowning:

a pitty its not affecting hitboxes, but its nothing relevant

No problem.