How can I set sv_airaccelerate in my map?

I wanna make a surf map but I can’t surf unless I type sv_airaccelerate 100, so how can I make it sv_airaccelerate 100 when the map starts?
Also is there something like trigger_command to force the player to do that command?
Plz help!

point_consolecommand, I believe it is. Make it do the following:
sv_cheats 1
sv_airaccelerate 100
sv_cheats 0

Yuy Thanx!!! =D

Isn’t it Point_servercommand?

For the command to run you can do like this:

Create 2 entities.

  • logic_auto
  • point_servercommand

Name your point_servercommand to whatever you want, for example “sv_airaccelerate”.

Then go to your logic_auto and in the outputs tab add one output like this:

Output Named: OnMapSpawn
Targets entities named: sv_airaccelerate
Via this input: Command
With a parameter override of: sv_airaccelerate 100

When your map starts, the command will be run.

To make a player run a command when they spawn, use the same technique but with a trigger_multiple in spawn, that will trigger a point_clientcommand entitie just like it did with point_servercommand.

Oh and like Spartan One said, you also need to do this with sv_cheats.

As I said, I “BELIEVE” it is. But you may be right.

Excuse me isn’t the logic_auto needed here? If not then sorry :X