How can I set up a wire door?

Hello. Im a beginner at this game, and I want to know how do I set up a wire door controlable with a wire keypad.

This is how mine looks like.

Before I used to set a number (key) in the door tool window under Door - Open (or something like that), and then entered the same number to the keypad window (as Access Granted) and it worked well. Now I dont have the 2 kaypad things in the door tool (Door open, close) and im lost :D. I quess since thats called a wiremod there is a way to connect the door and keypad together with a wire, or not? Thanks

Go into the “Wire” tab on the top left of the Q menu, and scroll all the way down until you see the “Advanced Wire” tool. It should be near the bottom.

Take that, and look at the door. You should see an “Open” input or something like that. Left click, then look at the keypad. Left click again, and select the first output that pops up.

The door should then open when the correct keypad sequence is entered.

Wiremod works like this:
There are two terms you should become familiar with - inputs and outputs. They are Wiremod’s bread & butter.
An input is a variable that is filled by an output provided by a seperate entity.
An output is a variable that is used to fill an input.
Wiring involves taking an input and hooking it up to an output.

[Input -> Output]

In your case, the door has the input, and the keypad provides the output. The sequence is something like this:
[Correct code entered] -> [Output turns to 1] -> [Input on door reads that the keypad’s output is 1] -> [Door opens]

oh wow it worked! thx!