How can I set weapon material?

function SWEP:PreDrawViewModel( vm, wep, ply )

It’s not work?

I don’t know why!!??

How can I set weapon material and set Default material ?

please teach me :frowning:

try: vm:SetMaterial() instead.

It still doesn’t work :frowning:

You sure the folder is named “Models” and not “models”?

Doesn’t work is not helpful. Post what happens and what you expect to happen, add screenshots if needed. ( Upload to if you don’t know where )

yes I sure
It’s weapon Fists

As you can clearly see in that code, SetMaterial is already used to hide the original hands so the system can use player model hands without overlapping the base hands.

so I should Set hands material !

can you teach me? thx :slight_smile:

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oh I know !

 function GM:PlayerSetHandsModel( ply, ent )

	local simplemodel = player_manager.TranslateToPlayerModelName( ply:GetModel() )
	local info = player_manager.TranslatePlayerHands( simplemodel )
	if ( info ) then
		ent:SetModel( info.model )
		ent:SetSkin( )
		ent:SetBodyGroups( info.body )



But it not transparent @@