How can i test my rust server functionality before actually advertising it?

Been lurking for a while now, finally created an account because i need someone’s help for a few moments.

Is there a way to test my rust server connection from outside my network?
I’m just getting back into gaming myself and don’t have any friends that play Rust.
I got my wife into Rust by hosting my own server so i could give her time to learn the game.
Now ive set up another server but made it public.
I know server advertising is not allowed and this kind of post would be viewed as such if i posted links or what not, so i will not post details on how to find my server.

I am curious if there is a mechanism to test a server from outside the network?
Or, would someone be willing to connect to my server and let me know how its responding?
I’m hosting a large map on an unraid box sitting behind a hardware firewall on a fiber connection.
I just simply want to know that people can connect and that its not lagging or otherwise unusable for people outside my own network. I know 1 person isn’t a great test, but as long as i know people can get to it, i’ll advertise it where appropriate and assign more resources on the server hardware if needed.

If anyone would take a few moments to give me some feedback, it would be appreciated.

I will admit that once i know its working i will post advertisements where its appropriate such as server listing sites, but again, i have no intention of trying to advertise it here.
I just want to know that its working before i do actually advertise it.
Can anyone give me advice on how to accomplish this?

You could use like a portforward checker( find one that supports udp). Make sure it appears in the public server list too. Then you should be all good. Try getting a friend to join to too would work. Or try joining off of your network like on mobile data etc.

I’ve check to be sure the port is open.
And i see it listed in the server list.
The reason im suspicious is because it shows the ping as 3ms which seem to me that its referencing a local ping, yet that makes me wonder if it’s actually being seeing outside the network, or if i can see it because its local to me.

This is a desktop and has no wireless connection as i hardwire everything i can or i would definitely try using a mobile connection.
I guess ill just list it and if it doesn’t work so be it, ill deal with it however.

If your viewing it in the server list from the same network it gets the latency using an A2S_INFO request to every server in the list so it would go out to your router and since the destination ip is your public ip it would come right back resulting in a low latency. But on rust in the server list it only shows servers that are public.

I figured that was about how it works.
I was hoping for a mechanism sort of like how you can test an email server. But also figured it would be a bit of a reach. Ya never know.
As mentioned, ill just list it and go from there.

Do appreciate your time though. Thanks Synk.

Hey i thought of another question if you might have some input.
What maps are most sought after?
Like size, player count, mods.
Is there somewhere that lists that kind of thing. I know what i like but would like to appeal to the broader masses also.

Any input on what makes for a good map?