How can I test the models I made

If I compile, how do I put in a normal addon just to see if it works!

Go to the addons folder and make a new folder labeled whatever you want it to be. From there, go into the folder you just made and create a new notepad file named ‘addon.txt’. Afterwords, make two more folders, labeled ‘materials’ and ‘models’, then make the respective sub-folders inside of them. After doing this, navigate to the location for the .VMT and .VTF file(s) that your compiled model(s) use, and copy them to their respective location in the ‘materials’ folder for your addon, then do the same thing for your compiled model files to the ‘models’ folder for your addon. Assuming everything is located where it should be and there aren’t any mistakes, your model(s) should now appear in GMod’s model library.

Please note that you will need to have the legacy browser addon installed for GMod in order to access your addon.

Thank you!