How can i turn something i made in a map into a entity

Hi guys i made this really good robot but i want to play it with my other maps… so i was wondering how i could do that? Sorry if its obvious I’m a bit of a newb at this :stuck_out_tongue:

Adv duplicator.
It comes with wiresvn,

i don’t understand how i can make it a txt file for adv dupe :S could you explain it a bit to me?

You get out the tool and right click the object. On the Q menu, press save and enter a file name.
The file is at garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv duplicator/

k thanks ^.^

Let us know if it worked :wink:

It won’t. It will crash his game if he tries to load it on another map. OP, there is no way to do it unless your robot is completely made out of props and you use vmf loader.

What else would it be made out of? :raise:


Brushes, func_physbox’s, there are different ways in to make to make stuff in Hammer instead of props, you know.

Oh right, you meant in Hammer. Though for some reason, I think it’s a robot he made in Gmod.