How can i unarm a player?

Is there a command for unarming the player

a command that unarm the player but they still have all there weapons

so no strip weapons! :smiley:

no there is not.
what you can do is some sort of weapon like Holstered weapon in ttt.

Make sure they have a swep representing nothing, like a “nothing equipped” swep (make it yourself if you have to, just a blank swep I think), or fists if you want that. Then, whenever you want to disarm the player, use the function Player:SelectWeapon(string classname), documented here:

Tell me if this does what you hope to accomplish.

SelectWeapon( “” ) will make them go to NULL

yeah i need an swep that do nothing :smiley:

when i put nothing in it it dont switch! :smiley:

so i need to make a swep :smiley:

just make a blank swep :smiley:

thanks a lot for the fast help x3