how can i understand ttt mode lua code

i have learned lua for a while and now i can write some easy weapons entities or something,but ttt mode lua codes are too many,i don’t know how to start ,could you give me some advise? thank you

start with uh PlayerInitialSpawn

download notepad++ then search the entire gamemode foldier for PlayerInitialSpawn and see what happens when a player first spawns, follow the function to the next function it calls until you understand why when you spawn the things happen the way they do.

you mean debug gmod lua code like c++? my english is poor ,i dont know how to search,and my country don’t have relative document,could you give me a link? thank you

You might want to look into luadev and EPOE if you want to get into serious development. You also might want to gear away from NP++ and into either Sublime Text or Atom for the ability of proper syntax highlighting (not saying NP++ doesnt have one) and also luadev running from editor.