How can I upload FIles?

(First, First): The first time I posted this, it was in the Gmod discussion and I moved this post to here)
(First, sorry for the bad english, I’m portuguese)
(Secound): I don’t know how to upload files in, what do I need to do?
I’ve got 2 adv dupe files… they are cool, and some saves, but I don’t know upload them. Help me!

Click on “Upload file” maybe?

put them in a rar file and upload them.

Yes, I did that, but I’m waiting for two months and nothing… they don’t appear in the

They have to be in a .zip…

Wait… What?

Ok, I uploaded them In a zip, how many time do I need to wait till they appear in the site?

They would appear straight away.

Ohh, my never come … maybe have some problem :S