How can I use 3d via printscreen?

first sorry for my bad english i know that… just understand me please

my compture use a multi booting (win7 32,64bit)
and i trying to use 3d via printscreen in 32 bit

but after launched that program all of other program is not working
it is just for me? or normal? someone can solve my problem?

do you mean something like ninja ripper? printscreen just takes a 2d picture of the screen and so you can’t use it but there are programs that hook into direct x.

I just mean a dassault 3d via printscreen

if im thinking of the same program, then i dont even think it does anything.
Use Ninja Ripper, if you are using a OpenGL game use a DX9 injector to for OpenGL, depending on what on what game your running (some dont support it, dont think theres a compatibility list, your just gonna have to find out)

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some games can be extracted natively, like most any unreal engine games.